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Mussels &

Mussel seed:





The freshest highest quality shellfish is brought directly from fishermen all over the UK and Ireland and shipped daily to France, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and Italy.

Cockles are hand gathered by traditional methods by local fishermen which Kingfisher Seafoods Limited buys daily.

The cockles are then brought back to our despatch unit where they are cleaned, graded and packed before they are shipped to our clients all over Europe.

Kingfisher Seafoods Limited exports fully grown mussel as well as mussel seed in bulk.

The product can be either hand gathered or dredged using our boat the Lord Sam II, a 12-metre Category C licensed dredger with a 30 MT carrying capacity.

The product is exported in refrigerated trucks in 1MT bulk bags.

A full waste analysis is carried out to Dutch Mussel Auction Standards on each bag to guarantee the quality of the product being shipped.


Razor clams (Ensis Siliqua) collected by divers from Scotland are ​packed daily into polystyrene boxes and shipped to Europe and the Far East. 

​Native oysters (Ostra Edulis) in bulk are shipped September to April from the UK, Denmark and Ireland. 

  • Large Periwinkles from Scotland.

  • Manilla Clams from the UK and France

  • Surf Clams from England and Scotland.

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