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Processed Products.



Whelks are brought daily from our vessels and third party fishermen all over the UK and processed by an experienced team under strict supervion. At this time they are steam cooked for 4.5 minutes, cleaned to ensure that no shell or soft meat remains, inspected to ensure the highest quality, immediately frozen to ensure freshness and packed in 10Kg boxes with a liner. 


The plant has a processing capacity of 20MT of whelks per day with the latest equipment from Polar. 

Cockles are brought daily from fishermen all over the UK and immediately transported for processing. They are steamed cooked and thoroughly cleaned of sand and shell before it is packed in brine solution for export. 

The factory has a capacity of 20MT of shell per hour and is fitted with brand new equipment throughout. 


We are also able to offer shell-on raw whelks blast frozen in 25Kg sacs or 20Kg cartons. 

​Whelk Meat:




Cockle Meat:


Raw Whelk Shell-On :

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